About The White Horse Flower Company

Rewind to 2002 when the flowers and I first met. 

I was looking for an outlet to quench a desire to do something new and creative whilst raising a young family.

That was over fifteen years ago.

The business grew steadily and slowly, me honing my skills as I went. I’ve always relied on the beauty of my flowers to do the talking; I rarely advertise, shy away from perusing awards, always preferring the word of recommendation. Over the years I’m incredibly proud to have earned an enviable reputation as an event florist (one that still takes me by surprise). 

My philosophy is simple and unchanged in all this time: I create abundant, luxurious and textually inspired floral designs which more often than not, reflect the season in which they are made. I often take into consideration the aesthetic of a place, a mood or sense of occasion, all the while drawing attention to the uniqueness of every single bloom I use. I gather the finest ingredients Mother Nature has to offer - be they foraged from the hedgerow, picked from my own garden or sourced from my trusted British and Dutch suppliers.

Fast forward to 2017 and many hundreds of beautiful weddings later, The White Horse Flower Company has grown into a sought after and inspirational event florist business, exceeding all my humble expectations; and yet all the while, I'm constantly looking forwards and evolving. There is one thing that has never changed - I continue to be the lone creative soul (and hands) behind every single design , with an ad hoc team of talented florists working alongside me on the busy days. In all these years my enthusiasm remains undiminished as I draw on so many incredible experiences to captivate and inspire - never following the crowd but following my own intuition. 

So that’s me. But let’s not leave it there, I’d much rather you read what my wonderful customers have had to say or dipped into the galleries of my work on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook , maybe even read the blog? In all these places you will be able to see for yourself what The White Horse Flower Company is doing today, what we did yesterday or over the previous months and years - a world of beautiful, show-stopping floral gorgeousness. If you like what you see, why not come and see me? Make an appointment and let me to show you a world of possibilities The White Horse Flower Company has in store for you.