About Me (Linz)

It may surprise some that I never set out to be a florist, indeed it never even occurred to me that this is what I would become. 

Rewind to 2002 when the flowers and I first met. A community midwife on a career break, raising a young family; I was looking for an outlet to quench a desire to do something new and creative. 

Taken under wing of a successful event florist and armed with the most basic City and Guilds floristry qualification, I mostly learnt on the job. The business grew slowly, me honing my skills as I went. Always relying on the beauty of my work to do the talking; rarely advertising, shying away from awards and preferring the word of recommendation. Over the years I’m incredibly proud to have earned an enviable reputation as a wedding and event florist. 

My philosophy has never wavered from a desire to create abundant and textually inspired arrangements which more often than not, reflect the season in which they were made. I  always take into consideration an aesthetic, a mood or sense of an occasion, all the while drawing attention to the uniqueness of every single flower I use. I work throughout the year relying on a combination of both imported as well as locally grown flowers and foliage to fulfil my varied portfolio of weddings and events. 

Fast forward to the present day and hundreds of beautiful events under my belt, The White Horse Flower Company has far exceeded all my humble expectations. These days I'm also sharing my skills and experience by teaching both florists as well as anyone with an appreciation and a desire to arrange flowers.

In all this time one key detail has never changed, I continue to be the lone creative behind every single arrangement with an ad hoc team of talented florists working alongside me on the busy days. My enthusiasm remains undiminished as I draw on so many incredible experiences; never following crowd, but just 'doing the flowers' with my own intuitive style. 

Truth is, you don’t really need to know any of the aforementioned although it’s always nice to get the measure of the person who might help you make one of life’s most poignant days more beautiful and memorable. Simply put, you just have to like my flowers. But if you do want to know more, perhaps read what my wonderful customers have had to say or peered into the galleries of my work on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook , maybe read the blog? In these places you will be able to see for yourself what I'm doing today, what I did yesterday, over previous months or even years. If you like what you see, and think I might be the florist for you, make an appointment and allow me to show you what The White Horse Flower Company could have in store just for you.