Everyone a love story..

This year still has a couple of months left to run and there are plenty of wedding flowers I've yet to arrange. But after receiving some thank you letters recently, from brides along with fabulous photos, I decided to share a few of these.

I always say, every bouquet has its' own story to tell, about probably the most beautiful day in a womans' life, steeped in love and romance. For me, above all else, it's the visual beauty of such an occasion which I like to think I have had a hand in creating.

By the time the clock strikes midnight on 31st December I will have made a shade under fifty bridal bouqets. Here's just a handful of these very special flowers ....

A huge thank you to each of my lovely brides, (their grooms) and the photographers who have supplied me with some of these stunning images - without whom I would not be able to create and share with you, my own love affair with flowers.