Flowers by candle light.

On Wednesday evening I had the pleasure of meeting lots of couples getting married at Wasing Park, Aldermaston next year. They were invited to sample the delicious menu options and wines from the team at Galloping Gourmet who provide the excellent food and hospitality at Wasing. For my part, I was asked to decorate some of the tables. Here's a few images of from the castle barn as well as some autumn inspiration in the lovely garden room where they enjoyed, canapés and drinks. Outside leading to the garden room I set out lots of lanterns on pebble urns which I hope made the walk to the garden room from the barn even more inviting, I mirrored this by setting out lanterns on the occasional tables inside and filled them with pretty autumn leaves.
In the barn I chose centre pieces which were popular amongst those couples I'm already working with, using vases and containers. Cube vases, candelabra, bird cages, jam jars and tall pilsner vases continue to be popular choices for 2013.
I think it particularly lovely Wasing couples get to experience the ambience at night and really feel the atmosphere with fine food, wine and like minded company.
I caught up and said hello to many couples I'm already working with next year as well as met some lovely new faces who, I hope, to see over the coming weeks and months.