Valentine's Day is coming!

It's exactly two weeks until Valentine's Day. Luckily I married an incurable romantic and he never ceases to amaze me (and my envious girlfriends) with his take on keeping the flame of romance burning. Funnily enough, flowers are not something I often receive and frankly I wouldn't choose a red rose in February anyway.

There are so many other flowers I'd rather have which I couldn't get at other times of the year. Tulips would be my first choice - a big bouquet of pinks, reds and purples would be my idea of heaven. There are so many varieties to choose from too, my personal favourite being the parrot tulip. Ranunculus would be another flower to fill me with joy - those fabulous frilly heads are so lovely and they come in a spectrum of colours from pure white to fiery orange and sunshine yellow; how about a combination of tulips and ranunculus with a few anemones and alstromeria thrown in or even some roses? But please, just not the red ones; romance comes in many colours trust me on this - I have two X chromosomes, I am a florist and I happen know these things!

So ladies start dropping the hints now and gents, try to think outside the box (and I'm not talking the penalty variety); go seek out your local florist for some spring inspiration. Ask yourself what's the woman in your life's' favourite colour? Chances are it's not red!

Happy Valentine's. xxx