Wasing Park menu tasting evening

I was at Wasing Park yesterday meeting lots of lovely couples who came to the menu tasting evening. I had the pleasure of decorating some of the tables with my flowers.
As I write this, I am enjoying the intoxicating scent of genista - a pretty little flower which I put in many of the centrepeices on display last night. For such an insignificant wisp of a flower, it adds a splash of colour to spring bouquets as well as giving off a heavenly scent. I've also posted a picture of the very beautiful Annabel holding her gorgeous shower bouquet of roses and orchids et al alongside her bridesmaids. We created a winter wonderland look using white, silver with grey/green foliages. Although it was taken last December, I thought it was the perfect inspiration for the current snowy weather we're all enjoying at the moment.