Here comes summer

With the clocks sprung forward into British summer time TWHFCo looks forward to a summer wedding season! Weddings of course can take place anytime and autumn/ winter weddings are increasingly popular (and quite lovely in their own right), but spring/summer weddings remain ever popular with most of my wedding work taking place between April and September.

I don't think I'll ever tire of a good wedding - it's so exciting! Getting the measure of a couple, taking their ideas and aspirations and transforming them into tangible, beautiful flowers.

There's no such thing as a typical wedding but for me my day will go something like this: I deliver the bouquets and buttonholes first, arriving carrying the boxes of bouquets - everyone present will be eager to see what style has been chosen and as I lift the bouquet from its tissue wrappings and present it to the bride there may be tears of joy (and mascara may need to be touched up)! Months of planning have gone into choosing the perfect flowers in just the right shades to complement a beautiful dress, stems may be bound in exquisite ribbons and touches such as pearl or diamante topped pins, brooches - or maybe simply tied with raffia.

Interpretation of the bouquet is a crucial aspect of my being successful as a wedding florist, and after showing my bride how to hold her bouquet, encouraging a relaxed hand and to simply enjoy her flowers - I'll be on my way. The groom is likely to be ensconced with a group of best men and ushers, allegedly for moral support; some will be looking ridiculuously relaxed, others possibly anxiously mulling over their speech! We'll chat about who's buttonhole belongs to who and where to pin it (assuming I've not actually pinned it on myself)!

On to the church or ceremony room: here I'll be tying on pew ends / chair backs along the aisle, scattering fresh petals, lighting candles in lanterns or tweaking arrangements or "Bobby Dazzlers" as I like to call them. These are the flowers which set the mood for the ceremony, statement flowers such as these say so much and are always remembered.

My final call is the reception - staging and setting out the centre pieces. Reception flowers set the mood for the post-nuptial celebrations - quite possibly the biggest and best party a couple will ever throw. I may have incorporated a couple of the table centres as the focal arrangements at the wedding ceremony in which case they will be transferred back to the tables. These flowers create atmosphere in a room like nothing else can, the colour, varieties and scent will have a huge effect on everything around them. The sight of a reception room twinkling in candle light, lightly scented and lots of colour pervading the room will be a lasting memory saying so much about the couple and their day. Gorgeous!