Friday 13th. Unlucky for Some? I think not.

It's Friday 13th, unlucky you think? No chance, what superstitious clap trap! You might as well keep a rabbits' foot in your pocket or start looking for a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow if you believe in all that stuff. It's a glorious day here in West Berks, a typical April day - frosty first thing then the sun came up, the dew evaporated and we had a gorgeous day ahead of us which is just as well because I had flowers to deliver.
Earlier, I finished off the bouquets and buttonholes for Stacey & Tom adding sweet scented lily of the valley to the bridal bouquet, bound the stems in ivory satin ribbon before carefully wrapping the whole glorious bouquet in tissue ready for delivery. The bridesmaid and flower girls had a pastel combination in white, dusty pink, lilac and blue; so pretty and every inch the essence of springtime.
As I write, my lovely couple will have gone and got themselves married. Hooray and congratulations! A very positive action which flies in the face of all those who tip toe through any Friday the 13th waiting for disaster to strike. Okay so there is still time for something to go wrong but hey, it could happen anytime on any day so why borrow trouble? Just sit back, enjoy the moment - it's the weekend, well almost.