What is good service?

Struck last week by the lack of good service I received as a customer, I got thinking about what is good service?
There was I, a regular, loyal and trusted customer (or so I thought), yet as I drove home, I felt decidedly short changed in the common courtesy department. I knew exactly what was missing - something I give my customers everyday: a pleasant greeting, a genuine smile, to be made to feel welcome and most of all, valued.

As a freelance florist my approach has always been for the bespoke and tailored to the individual; be it to create confidence and enthusiasm with wedding clients, offer a sympathetic and understanding service with the bereaved or simply to inspire and be creative with anyone wanting to send some gorgeous flowers. In fact, I'll go as far as saying that I want my customers (and any recipient of my flowers) to feel that in choosing me (and not just any florist), the giver has gone the extra mile - thus making The White Horse Flower Company the icing on the cake!

Giving excellent service is fundemantal to the success of any business, but for me it is equal to the quality of my flowers. I am by nature, friendly, I want to be helpful and because I love what I do, I can't help but be enthusiastic!

So, why can't everyone smile, be polite, show some enthusiasm and genuinely be pleased that someone wants to purchase their services? It's not rocket science. Simple you would think? Not so I say.