Work in Progress

It's Thursday morning, breakfast done and half my morning cuppa down, my apron is on and sleeves rolled up ready for some serious work ahead. I've been into the workshop to check on my lovely blooms as the kettle for my tea boiled - an idiosyncracy I've developed over the years - I don't know why I do this as they're hardly going to run away overnight but you never know!

Event floristry is all about delivering perfectly opened flowers bang on time and like chefs, it's all about the timing. Once I get my flowers home they are unpacked and conditioned overnight (they have a good drink)! Then I set about arranging them. So, without further ado, I'll crack on and do what I do best, create beautiful flower arrangements and bouquets. Pictures as always, posted after the job has been delivered...

But before I do this, I thought I would leave you a summary of what's on the menu this week and the ingredients I'm using.. Just to whet your appetite.
Friday: White & ivory - tulips, roses, lisianthus, sweet peas, lilies and fluffy astilbe amongst others. My lovely couple are having a "heart of tulips" which I will hang on the gate that guests will walk through en route to the church. There's a Dutch connection so we're gathering the last of the tulips (about 200) and incorperating them into all the bouquets and buttonholes and there's the tiniest "smidge" of blue in the form of erygium - thistles to you and me! The reception flowers will be combinations of both high and low centre peices, lots of candle light and soft fragrent gypsophilia. So stylish, so elegant and a definite "wow"in the reception!

Saturday: The most subtle, feintest delicate pastels - lilacs, blues, ivory and cream in a country garden style. Wiltshire church - Berkshire reception. My lovely friend and florist Megan Jackson is in charge of the flowers at the church in Burbage and I have the pleasure of creating the bouquets and reception flowers. So between us we've got roses, peony, sweet peas, and I have astilbe, astrantia, lily of the valley and camomile. The roses I have selected are unbelievably fabulous, so feminine, softly scented ivory blooms with the merest hint of a blush. Truly exquisite.
So that's it flower friends, I'm off to work - in spite of all the superlatives and romanticism of my blog it's really hard work and I'll be aching and yawning come bed time!