Goodbye Spring, Hello Summer..

This image is my favourite from spring 2012 - the epitome of elegance and beauty. Thank you Caroline Gue for capturing it so perfectly; it takes my breath away everytime I look at it. Why can't such beauty last forever? I guess they wouldn't be so special if they did.

Whilst the tulips are still very much in evidence in my garden, I can see the poppys' peeping through the greenery and the peonies are showing little nuggets of bud. The blue bells are waning and the forget me not's just about to set seed. The sweet peas are now planted out as are a few bedding plants to add a bit of colour around the garden table.

With last Friday and Saturday's weddings already under my belt for May, I look forward to this weekend's work and pray this cold weather will soon pass. 

This week in the workshop I'll have peonies, roses, sweet peas, freesias and hopefully, lots of mint and dill flower on my list. I have three fabulous weddings to arrange as well as some table centres for a menu tasting evening at Wasing Park tomorrow (Wednesday).

In the meantime I must go and continue tying ribbon around jam jars and preparing the boxes into which the bouquets and buttonholes will be delivered. This is going to be a blooming marvelous week!