It's all in the detail.

Dear Flower Friends if you just want to see what I've been up to last week simply click on my Face Book link where you can enjoy pictures and a brief round up of news. If you want to read my topic of the week "bespoke" read on..

I'm of the opinion little touches can make the ordinary extraordinary. Remembering a special anniversary, booking the perfect restaurant or asking for her favourite flower in a bouquet, these little things show you've spent precious time in thought and consideration and can often mean as much as the gift itself. 

As well as adding those little touches, occasionally, I get to add something even more special. I once added a tiny photo of a brides late father -  I carefully tucked it into her bouquet so that as she walked down the isle, he was with her all the way, smiling up from her flowers. No one else could see him, just her - I can't put into words what a privelige it was to be part of that special detail.

I've also included unusual flowers or foliages which have personal significance; once descreetly adding a tiny shocking pink rose in an otherwise all white bridal bouquet; it must have had some meaning although I never dared ask what! I've even incorperated a bag of mini crunchie bars and several bottles of very fine sauvingon blanc all in the same bouquet! Needless to say it was a huge arrangement which required a huge wine cooler bucket to arrange it in! The point is, special gifts come from special people and I am more often than not, merely the go between enabling it to happen.

My penchant for ribbons is well known amongst my friends and I can think of nothing more indulgent than schmoozing around the fabulous VV Rouleaux, buying lengths of exquisitely expensive ribbon and trimmings - all in the name of work! Yet these tiny pieces of fabric can make a huge difference to the final finished look of a special bouquet, corsage or buttonhole - it's not only my bridal clients that appreciate these little touches, farewell flowers carry the same amount of love, care and attention to detail.

Incorporating personal touches and preferences, matters as much to me as it does my customers, and including them in my work has become a matter of course. These details may not only tell a story, but show one has listened and interpreted the brief - right down to the last letter. Bespoke is a word banded about all too often these days, but it's one I hold very dear to my heart: individually tailored and made to order; that's exactly what I do.