Happy Monday

It's Monday, I'm in the study writing flower lists, sending emails and adjusting flower inventories for a few of my 2012 brides which is always nice - developing initial thoughts and ideas as well as finalising some of the details.
Also, as I look through my work diary, 2013 is looking rather exciting with a good number of confirmed bookings already (even more than this time last year!) So, if you've been thinking of getting in touch regarding wedding flowers for 2013 and think it's too early, it's definitely not! Good florists will be in demand and we're happy to be planning ahead, meeting up, providing quotes and hopefully, accepting bookings, so do drop me a line or give me a call - even if it's just for a chat over a cup of tea. It really helps airing your thoughts and ideas, there's never any obligation or pressure to book but just talk about your flowers and believe me, there's nothing I like more!
Later on this week, as well as a 1:1 workshop and a beautiful vintage styled wedding over the Bank Holiday, I have a few jubilee inspired flowers to arrange and I'm pondering the options. Not big on putting red, white and blue flowers together in one bunch (too obvious), I'd like to think I can incorporate the spirit of the occasion with a touch more style. I'm thinking quintessentially British v's quirky land of hope and glory.. it's only Monday so who knows where I'll end up with my thoughts before market day! But whatever your plans for the diamond jubilee bank holiday, have a brilliant time. Get that bunting out join in the party and let's hope the sun keeps on shining!
Linz x