Hello Flower.

Dear Flower Friends.
It's been a few weeks since I last blogged... So I thought I'd tap out a few words whilst I drink my morning cuppa.
I've been whirling like a dervish these past few weeks, mainly with weddings but also tying bouquets for all sorts of jolly events not least, thank you bouquets for our hard working teachers, a few birthdays, get well bunches and that very special anniversary.

I'm up to my ears in gorgeous summer blooms today and tomorrow as I prepare this weekends wedding celebration flowers for two lovely couples. The sun is out as I write and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the weekend; one of my couples wedding ceremony is taking place outside in a victorian summer house. I'm planning to decorate the isle with allsorts of prettiness and simple touches which work in harmony with the garden location - pots of lavender and simple bunches hanging from shepherd hooks all along the isle.

I'll also be flowering up an arch to decorate the entrance to a heavenly little chaple on Friday evening, such a serene time of the day to be working and in such a beautiful and tranquil setting, not only this, but I'll be filling a milk churn with rustic seasonal blooms and tying jam jars filled with garden flowers to the pew ends!
I have posted a picture of just one of the 4 bridal bouquets I made last week, Daisy was the epitome of simplicty with her penchant for all things unstructured, seasonal and just gathered, and I like to think I captured the essence of this in her lovely bridal hand tie. L x