The one about the wedding..

Do you remember the song by Abba "Thank you for the Music?" Yes you do, the one where she sings ".. I have a talent, a wonderful thing, cause everyone listens when I start to sing, I'm so grateful and proud, all I want is to sing it out loud..?"  Well, this is how I feel about my work, it's such a pleasure and a priviledge, I could eulogize about it indefinitely but I won't. I want you to come back and read my blog another day so I am going to ask you to click on the link to another blog and let Molly Forbes tell you about her wedding day.

Okay, so I may have had a hand in the flowers, but I am not an island and wedding days come together through the collaboration of lots of very talented people not to mention two people who love each other so much, they want to share this with all their friends and family. So without further ado may I introduce Molly who incidentally, also has a talent for writing. So good is she I want her to tell you how it all came together. You, like me, may want to read more from this witty lass (I hope you do). A dedicated mother, wife and talented journalist, it's because of people like Molly I love my job so much - being part of such a special day is priceless. Thanks for putting what I see and feel into words and for Caroline Gue for colouring it in by adding the amazing pictures. 

Here's The one about the wedding..