Farewell Flowers

This blog post is taken from an earlier Face Book posting back in March, it caused quite a stir amongst those flower friends who read it, and, as I embark on some very special farewell flowers tomorrow morning, I thought I'd like to share my thoughts on these flowers with you. They are so important and it is, as I say on my Farewell page, a priviledge to be asked to create them. As I arrange these flowers I am ever mindful that they are a final gift to someone I have never known, yet they must sum up so much love, adding colour and beauty to a moment of such sorrow. It is something I can honestly say holds a very special place in my creative heart. 

I'm no fan of the phrase "funeral tribute" - there's something very staid and regimented about it which makes me feel uneasy and uncomfortable. Yet flowers are such an important part of saying goodbye to someone we have loved and cared for so I call this final flourish to a life lived -"farewell" flowers. 

Thankfully the days where everyone sent flowers are long gone; nowadays charities and hospices rightly benefit from donations from those outside the close family which means these farewell flowers are very personal and I am privileged to have a hand in writing this floral message. 

Bereavement is such an emotional time and everyone has a different way of expressing their sorrow; as a florist I am mindful of the delicate path I tread yet at the same time feel it's important to understand something of the person sending the flowers as well as the person who has passed away. There must be something in my flowers that touches the the sender as well as giving them a sense of satisfaction that the flowers are expressing their love and sorrow. 

I'm flattered to see that others are now using "Farewell" on their own websites, a gentle term that for me reflects the love and attention which goes into these very special flowers.