The One I wasn't Meant to Do (But Did).

Looking through some of last year’s pictures, updating my website, I stumbled upon this image of a parchment rose bouquet.

I made it the day before I went on holiday. I really wasn’t meant to do this wedding, but I did.

I had initially (regretfully), turned it down; the bride was looking for a florist to style her woodland wedding and, as much as I desperately wanted to, it was impossible. With the heaviest of hearts, I suggested several other florists I knew (and love) who would do a fabulous job instead. None were available, and as my parting words to her were, "if you don’t have any joy, get back in touch" - she did just that!

Now, what was I to do? Oh, how I wanted to arrange these flowers but I was booked on a flight the morning of the wedding, my family would be furious. Was there really no one else? Apparently not.

I explained once more why I really couldn’t do it, unless… unless.. I was to deliver all the flowers the day before the wedding? This meant I would not be able to make any last minute adjustments, not be able to help if there was a minor earthquake and the bouquets fell out of their water and the dog ate them (yes there was a dog). Would she be prepared to accept all these what ifs?

"Yes" she said, she would.

So I took on the wedding. They were without a doubt utterly beautiful. The bridesmaids wore bohemian styled dresses; some with silvery hues, others were more parchment flesh tones -  all gossamer flimsy, whimsical loveliness! They were stunning and that’s before I saw the brides' dress, oh my Lord…

I made an arch of greenery in the middle of the woodland clearing for their hand tying ceremony when I should have been buying sun cream; I tied jam jars onto shepherd hooks along the isle when I should have been packing my case; I made bouquets of parchment roses, nigella, scabious and herbs and delivered them when I should have been dropping off the dog and loading the car.

Did she love them? Yes she did. They were (apparently) exactly what she had hoped for but thought impossible. That rose – the parchment one. She’d said she had never seen a rose quite like it. Never thought it possible that I could, from a picture, pick out the shade and interpret the colour. But I did.

And then I went home, got on a plane and went on holiday. I've never seen the official pictures but did receive a lovley thank you text to say it was all "magical". I’m sure it was. So, here’s my one photo ‘memory ‘from that beautiful woodland wedding. The one I shouldn’t have done, but did.