Thirty One Sleeps 'Til Christmas!


It's the end of November and with only 31 sleeps to go until Christmas, I can’t help but feel the tiniest bit relieved that there's a glimmer of light at the end of a very wonderful and flowery tunnel that is 2013. I’ve just two more weddings before I hang up my stocking by the fireplace and hope Santa might bring me a little something, my needs are simple, I’ll not ask for much. 

It’s been an amazing year for this little flower company; I’ve had the honour and pleasure of arranging flowers for over 68 wonderful (may I be so brazen to say) beautiful weddings, as well as a whole host of other floral delectations along the way. 

I’m on the brink of moving into a new work shop which, at last, will be properly insulated and fit for purpose, you see for the past ten years my workshop has also been a garage! By Christmas I will have space to work 365 days of the year and not be forced to decamp into the kitchen when the temperatures fall way below zero. It will have better lighting and it will no longer blow a gale from one end to the other when the wind blows all the doors open!

Before I hang my stocking up, I’ve 8 wreath workshops to teach, so far I know I've 100 people coming to these classes. Through them I'll share my passion for floristry, inspiring and showing others the joy of creating something beautiful and to be able to stand back and say “I made that.” I know it’s not rocket science, I know I’m not saving lives (I’ve done that), but I do love what I do and I think it probably shows. In the process my friends Sarah Arrowsmith and Belinda Chaffer and I will raise money for two children’s charities which is fantastic.

Before I hang up my stocking on Christmas Eve and climb the stairs to bed, I'll be looking forward to 3 weeks off work, I think I've earned it as I've worked most weekends this year and I rarely recall a day when I’ve not undertaken some work related activity, such is the life of the self-employed person. I know I am not alone when I say this, there are many pluses as well as just a few negatives to working for oneself but I'm not complaining and I've never been afraid of a bit of hard graft.

In my few weeks off I, along with my lovely husband, will paint the new work shop although I know I'll be eager to pick up the scissors and carry on the work I've begun preparing for in 2014. With over 30 weddings already expecting the magic and sparkle that is The White Horse Flower Company, I'll endeavour to grow and develop my little flower company. I will however, continue to be a company of one. Me, myself and I. Yes I have help, extra pairs of hands on busy days but I will continue to be the one that puts the kettle on, the one that drives to flower market every week to see, smell and be inspired by the ever changing seasons, the one that sits down with my (lovely) clients talking endlessly about flowers and never appearing to tire of it. I will continue to be the one that delivers the pretty fruits of my labours then clears down the next day. I know this is what makes The White Horse Flower Company what it is and I have no desire to change this recipe that works for me and those who choose me as their florist.

So, Santa, if you are reading this and the elves feel I have earned it, please may I have a large pot of elbow grease and if you have space on the sleigh, a new pair of snips, it seems the old ones are a little worn.