A quick update.. (amidst the workshop floral Hurley burley)!

Apologies flower friends, you may be forgiven any thoughts that I'd run away with the man delivering my flowers! It's been quite hectic here at HQ. What with the many consultations and subsequent flower inventories I've been preparing for clients this year (and next), there have also been a couple of weddings and not forgetting mothers day. I feel I've at last, turned a corner and am in the flow of another wedding season!
I absolutely love the hectic full-on nature of being a wedding florist, starting in March, my season tends to run though to October and after a self imposed 'quieter' November I gather pace once more through December.
Many lists are drawn up and from a written inventory of ideas, flowers and foliages, comes a cornucopia of colour, scent, shape and eventually form. Each with its' own individual story to tell.
What's not to love? From tulips, anemones to hellebores and lovely lilac, I enjoy 'the use it or you will miss it for another season' nature to many of the varieties I'm working with. I'm particularly smitten with the structure of catkin laden contorted hazel as well as the many 'water-coloured' shades iris seem to come in; I've been remiss in not paying enough attention to these pretty flowers before, but I am making up for it this year. Come May, I'll be swooning over some other bloom no doubt!

March, April and May are all fully booked and I'll not being seeing a free weekend until the end of May and even then I'm working around just a single weekend off.

I will be following up my last blog on British flowers once I have a couple more "British home grown" weddings under my belt so that I can comment in a more balanced and informed manner rather than just a few anecdotal thoughts over the past few weeks. I must say, the weather has not been on our side after the coldest March for fifty years, I wonder when the sun will once again warm my cold chapped cheeks never mind all those plant shoots waiting to burst forth!

So, off I scurry back to an afternoon of floral toil, I've two pretty weddings this week, both incorporating yellow, white and blue flowers and (nearly) all spring blooms - from anemones, forget-me-nots to tulips and narcissus, colour and scent in abundance. Bring it on I say!