A wee bit of floral alchemy..

This week sees a first for me. An all-daffodil wedding. From bouquets, buttonholes to the table centres, I've got white ones, bright ones, double creamy, frilly knicker- like ones!

Daffodils are in actual fact, floral happiness on a stalk, it's like being infused with pure sunshine such is their effect - as I write this blog, they are opening in buckets all over the house and workshop. I must have over a thousand of the little trumpets.

Then, just as Sophie's daffodil wedding gets under way on Friday, I'll start preparing for a bobby dazzler of a do on Saturday.

Bougainvillaea was Catherine's mediterranean colour inspiration, I've got an incredible combination of flowers to create what will be a sophisticated look - vibrant yet velvety soft with combinations of dusty pink and purple.

There's more.. Just when you think its all over for the week, I'm also whipping up some gorgeous bouquets for the lovely Jade who is marrying her beau also on Saturday at Wolverton Church. She's got such a cheeky combination of flowers - forget me nots, roses and tulips to name a few, all in vibrant spring colours - if ever there was a bouquet that truly reflects a chirpy personality this is it.

So, if you'll excuse me, I'm off the the workshop, these things don't just happen you know, I need to create a bit of floral alchemy... Ta da!

Oh yes, one more thing, I'm also including a few images from last weeks Easter miscellany.. Just so you know it wasn't all Easter egg munching and watching the boat race - some of us were flat out toiling you know!