A bouquet for today, tomorrow and forever.

Yesterday I made and sent a replica bridal bouquet to a preservation company for newly wed Jade who married last month. The original had done something akin to a few rounds with Mike Tyson and was not looking its best the following morning so Jade requested I make her another. Once dried, she plans to keep forever, the photo is Jades original April bouquet. (Photo credit: CP-Photography). 

I love making bouquets second time around, often an anniversary present or an incredibly thoughtful valentines bouquet, (I made several of these for Valentines Day this year) I think it's the most romantic of gestures. I've even made bouquets where the original was not one of my own designs but have used a photograph to reproduce the original, a few of these have been to celebrate 50th wedding anniversaries. It's an incredible privilege to capture a look and essence of something originally made half a century before, or like Jade, just last month!