A Carnival of Colour

A bright and beautiful carnival of colour: not every couple can carry it off, a step too far for the feint hearted maybe, but Katie and Sam were no shrinking violets when it came to planning their wedding day, they knew exactly what they wanted - a village fete!

It conjured up all manner of ideas in my imagination; maypoles, Morris dancers, cakes and bunting came to mind. Embracing the many possibilities, one thing I had noticed on the occasions we met, was a love of vibrant colour. Sam and Katie consistently chose the most flamboyant of flowers, so much so, I felt they could have quite happily thrown a Mardi Gras for their wedding day, never mind the village fete theme they had chosen!

Bouquets were bright, zingy and beautiful, buttonholes and pew ends alike, reflected a myriad of colour and flower varieties elsewhere in the floral displays.

A year on from our original meeting and the realisation of their vision was spot on.

Arriving the morning of the wedding, there were bales of straw, a 'splat' the rat, coconut shy, skittles alley and a ‘hook the duck’ stall all set out for their guests to play with on the lawns. As the morning progressed and everything took shape, I couldn’t help notice the atmosphere too, light hearted and giddy, we were all like children in a sweet shop (there was a candy stall by the way).

As guests arrived and I was departing, I watched as Katie made her way up the path to church to the waiting congregation; the excitement, the thrill, the anticipation and in that moment, I was reminded why I love this crazy beautiful job that I do. There is absolutely nothing like a good old fashioned wedding.