Capturing the perfect image.

This week I'd like to show a few images of my work I’ve been sent by two delightful couples and one particular photographer.

As a wedding florist I see many photographers, their aim is to capture the essence of the moment in a single or more often, a series of images. A skill not to be underestimated; if good enough, they will be treasured forever.

Such talent is a rare gift. At the top of their game there are those exceptional photographers, who in a single shot, can take your breath away; make you laugh, weep - sometimes both at the same time.

One such talented lady is Anneli Marinovich. We met in passing on a “job” last July - a few weeks later, accompanied by a thank you letter from a very happy newlywed couple, I was captivated by her photographic style and mood of the pictures. I have followed her on all her social media sites ever since! This spring we were reunited once again and she has since sent several images of my handy work, from Rebecca and Rob’s July 2012 wedding and Scott and Kate’s May 2013 wedding - both at Wasing Park. Two stunning brides, two quite different bouquets, one very talented photographer, one half decent florist (or so I'd like to think)!