British Flowers, British Weather!

May 31st - almost June, you would think sourcing local seasonal flowers would not be a difficult undertaking, but with the spring we have endured, you would be mistaken. British spring flowers have been very slow to blossom and bloom, a week before this wedding it seemed there was very little on my flower list which would have fitted the look Jessica had hoped for. I had planned to buy her flowers from local growers on smallholdings here in West Berkshire and the surrounding counties, but they all returned my calls and emails telling the same story, they had nothing to cut.

Casting my net wider I sourced from Cornwall (my saving grace), Essex and West Sussex and had delivered, an array of floral delights; picking the foliages from my own garden completed the look: sweet cicely, beech, mint, rosemary cotton lavender and salvias amongst others added muted colour and textures to the flowers.

The green credentials of this particular wedding were very important to Jess and Jamie. Between us, we up cycled and recycled from the delicate lace doilies Jess bought on E bay, to the jam jars which will be used time and again. Jess made the pom poms which, along with posies of flowers, decorated the isle. For me, there is nothing quite like a seasonal bouquet, in this instance it included roses, lily of the valley, sweet cicely, sweet peas and peonies -all grown in our green and pleasant land.

If you are considering using all British flowers for your wedding, using British flowers definitley means quality and there is plenty of choice (particularly if you choose the warmer months)! There is just one caveat: be flexible and open to what is realistically available at different times of the year and finally, find a florist who, like me, loves working with the seasons.   

My thanks to the incredibly helpful James at Clowance Flowers ( Gerry at and the team at Country Roses