Lonely Bouquets and other things florists do on a rare weekend off.

This weekend just gone was a rare weekend off work amid a very busy wedding season. The plan was for it to be quiet and work-free. One where there were no bouquets or table centres to make up, no early starts or late nights wiring buttonholes and no client appointments. Nothing. Just me, my family and Nutmeg (the dog).

And then I read about The Lonely Bouquet and decided I wanted to participate in such a lovely thoughtful initiative. 

The Lonely Bouquet was an idea thought up by Feuropean, a flower garden in Belgium, growing and selling organic flowers and bouquets. This delightful idea struck a cord with many like-minded growers and florists like myself - all over the world it seems. The idea was to leave a bouquet on a bench or a prominent place, where someone might find it. A note attached to it asks the finder to either take it home to enjoy or give to a loved one. Simple.

So I made five and put them, as suggested, in jam jars filled to bursting with flowers from my own garden, tied with  pretty ribbon and the message, hand written on a brown luggage tag. I planned to distribute them whilst out picking elderflowers (to make cordial) more flowers on a day off I hear you say!  

I drove around town looking for places to leave them, I'd numerous thoughts as to where these might be but alas, because it was so sunny, all the benches I'd earmarked, were occupied! I finally located a table by the Kennet canal as well as several benches in parks and on throughfares where I thought there would be people passing regularly.

The last one I left on a bench in the grounds of a local retirement home, close to the entrance. It seems odd to say this, but I felt almost naughty, as if I were littering the town with my flowers! The nicest part was seeing a gentelman walk past one I'd left on a cafe table, stop and read the message. Sadly I had to move on before I could see what he decided to do! 

And so flower friends, it appears you can't separate the florist from the woman, not even on her day off. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the elderflower cordial was a truimph. 



  The Lonely Bouquet will return on June 29th 2014.

www.fleuropean.com www.facebook.com/thelonelybouquet