Food, flowers, friends and another cake.

Phwoar what a scorcher" I hear you cry. It seems the heat wave continues with no end in sight, I for one, am not complaining (sleepless nights and all). It is so wonderful to feel such warmth, particularly as I'm not planning a holiday this year - I could be in Greece with these temperatures! 

The flowers are pinging open and I've found myself going to market a day later than normal so as to be sure my bouquets continue to arrive at their destination at the point of perfection. 

Not wanting to sound like I'm having another weekend off work, with over sixty weddings booked into TWHFCo diary for 2013, most of my weekends are flower filled, but I have to admit, I did take last weekend off and do a little entertaining of my own. 

I like a social gathering as much as the next person but as an event florist I work most weekends. Getting friends and family over has become less and less frequent over the years as TWHFCo has grown' particularly during the "wedding season". However, last weekend we celebrated my eldest son’s recent 18th birthday and "the family" were cordially invited. All 24 of them! 

Food has always played an important part in my life; a keen cook, I happily spend hours poring over recipe books, choosing the perfect menu, with well over 100 recipe tomes lining the kitchen shelves, each will contain at least a couple of recipes which, if you were to ask me, I could happily recall the recipes and quite possibly the date (and who was in attendance) of when I last cooked it. These recipes, I will make over and over again. If I'm honest, I'd rather spend my last few pounds on a decent olive oil than a bunch of flowers (pretend you didn't read that bit) but certain occasions call for a few flowers and this was one of them. 

I'm not a showy person and like a table to look inviting but understated, often not even putting any flowers on the actual table but perhaps having a vase of flowers sitting in an adjacent corner. With an all-male household you'll understand that flowers are low priority on a feasting day! However on this occasion I took inspiration from my garden, picking as well as buying seasonal flowers then simply dropping them into enamel jugs. Dropping or plonking are my favoured terms for not fussing too much with them. 

It's amazing how a few flowers can dress up a table and set the scene. The table cloths were borrowed and came in different colours and patterns - as were the chairs come to think of it. 

Suffice to say it was a perfect day, food, family friends, flowers and importantly for a birthday, cake.

So, if you happen to be having a few friends over, make the most of this beautiful balmy summer weather, why not pick a few blooms (herbs or even weeds could add to the table talk!) from your garden, add lots of greenery to bulk them out if the flowers are sparse, or why not buy a few seasonal flowers which will be in abundance and therefore reasonably priced. Place in a simple vase, jug or even an old jam jar - very on trend. 

Then, may I suggest you take your supper or lunch, friends and or family outside to enjoy such glorious weather. Whilst you're at it wash it all down with lashings of (ginger) beer and make the most of a truly great British summer. 

Next week: What say I blog about a few fleurs from a proper job...?

 L x