One from the back catalogue

This week I'm honoured to be arranging wedding flowers for a delightful couple Rachel and Toby who met me when Rachel was a bridesmaid at her brother’s wedding, last June.

It was one of those weddings where I knew the colours and flowers I wanted to use almost from our first meeting but as is often the case, I couldn't help myself and threw in a few additional varieties much later on whilst at flower market! These unplanned additions for me are artistically licenced; there are occasions when being prescriptive is appropriate but for the most part, clients leave these final tweaks of perfection to me.

I am always anxious to interpret the brief down to the last letter, but on this occasion was confident these would be beautiful wedding flowers. What I hadn’t appreciated was just how beautiful, that is, until I stepped back and reviewed my handiwork a few weeks later through the imagery of the photographer. 

I hope to create a similar vision of lovliness on Friday for Rachel and Toby, but for now, I give you the June wedding of Emma and Mat at Wasing Park, photography by the wonderfully talented Caroline Gue of CP-Photography. As I always say, a good photographer will capture the essence of the day on film forever. So whatever you do, choose the very best you can afford - it will be a sound investment and leave you with a lasting legacy of (probably) the most beautiful day in your entire life.