What a weekend.

Several notable things happened this weekend:

·         Murray finally won the men’s championships at Wimbledon and what a cracker of a game it was too.

·   The weather was blindingly superb - almost fifty degrees on centre court, I do declare just about everyone was in good spirits as a result and a minimum of factor 30 was required all round.

·         My eldest son turned eighteen; needless to say his father and I were not invited to the late night pub and club crawl. As it happens, I couldn't have joined them (even if I were invited) as I was knee deep in flowers preparing for my third and final wedding of the weekend. Impressively, I only 'just' managed to go to bed a short while before he returned home; my excuse a very late night/early morning of wiring an exquisite teardrop bouquet, his excuse - laddish celebrations!

·         It was not all work and no play, I made time to squeeze in a birthday lunch (at the pub)! Cake was consumed and candles blown out (with presents) at tea time. My fear as a mother, is that this may have been a last opportunity to do the birthday "thing“ next year he may well be clubbing in Ibiza!

·         Three corking days of sunshine over an entire weekend accompanying three beautiful weddings; just perfect, how overdue was this sunshine?

I leave you with a glimpse of wedding number 3: Sunday July 7th at Wasing Park in the Victorian summer house. The sun going over the trees so that the garden was in dappled shade and a light breeze kept everyone cool.

Where are all the other wedding photos I hear you ask? Well here's the thing, it seems you can definitely have too much of a good thing (and that includes cake after a pub lunch)! So I'll save them for another day.

Long may this weather last... 

Oh and one more thing, my sweet peas are finally blooming in the garden (yipee).

Linz x

PS The cake was origianlly two separate attempts at a Delia Coffee Walnut (eldest's favourite) but, as you can see, neither were particularly successful but we stacked them together anyhow!