Busier than a busy bee!

They say if you want something done, ask a busy person, well there are many floral happenings going down at The White Horse Flower Company this week. 

Tomorrow's wedding is at the beautiful Wasing Park where Helen and Mike have chosen a myriad of pretty summery pastels to adorn their wedding. Having already had a trial run at making Helen's bouquet, you can imagine how thrilled I am to make it all over again - it realy is a corker. I have included some lovely seasonal British blooms amongst this pretty wedding, it means a lot  to me to be supporting the "home team" so to speak; it's also important to make folk aware of the array of beautiful quality flowers we grow here in the UK. 

I'll also be recreating a very special anniversary bridal bouquet, as well as another stunning ensemble for a wedding on Saturday. On Sunday, I'm back at that magical woodland and walled garden location, this time adding lots of flowers and jewelled colours to create an exotic, almost bohemian styled wedding for Laurey and Louis. There will be gold accessories and flowers in burnt oranges, deep reds, russets and hot pinks. As well as this, there's a chuppa (Jewish ceremonial wedding canopy) and a woodland swing to adorn with flowers and foliages amongst many other beautiful details. 

And finally, I'm back at Wasing Park for even more summery English garden prettiness on Monday. I think it would be reasonable to say that TWHFCo is busier than the busiest bee this week! It's wonderful to be in demand and even better to have such a miscellany of beautiful wedding styles to create for some really lovely customers. 

You see, there are many strings to this little flower company and we appear to be strumming a great many of them this week!