Simple things that make your heart sing.

There have been many beautiful weddings this week and I want to do each justice with words and pictures but with so little time, what with all the flowers I am to arrange this week, they will have to wait for another day. However I leave a few images from Mondays wedding. 

I only met Jess on Monday - yes I meant to write that, on the very day she married Frank.

Before the big day, we had a one or two chats over the phone and exchanged a few images by email of the sorts of flowers Jess liked. Listening skills are key to the success of a decent florist, listening and interpreting are two key aspects I hold dear to my flowery heart. It is why no two weddings at The White Horse Flower Company are ever the same, regardless of trends, fashions, colour schemes and seasons, we are all individual and this should reflect in the flowers, whatever the occasion. 

For me, apart from making sure Jess and Frank had the most beautiful flowers they could have wished for, the ribboned tree outside St. Nicholas church at Wasing Park made my heart sing. Their rustlings in the breeze alongside the pretty dahlias dancing individually or gently swaying in their jam jars were just heavenly.

Never underestimate the beauty of something so simple, it really can take your breath away, and for me, standing in the dappled sunshine under the canopy of leaves with the gentle breeze, was quite special.