A week in pictures.

Since my last post I've arranged four beautiful flower-filled weddings and an unconventional but very beautiful farewell tribute. 

First there was Hannah, my Reading Festival Bride, she popped out on the Saturday morning to marry Clive, then went back in to party the weekend away! 

Then there was Kate and Lloyd who married in a wooded setting in leafy Berkshire, yellow and white were their colours - very relaxed and informally arranged with lots of daisies and gypsophilia.

Alycya married Joe the day after. She chose Vanda orchids and lilac roses. Her mum kindly sent this lovely photo of the wedding party looking radiant, those little "pixie" flower girls make me smile everytime! Gypsophilia posies are so popular for bridesmaids this year, I've also noticed there's been a resurgence in the popularity of teardrop and shower bouquets. 

Lianne then went and married Iain. Rich, vibrant red was her chosen colour to complement her bridesmaids dresses. An elegant hand tie if ever there was one, I particularly loved using orchids alongside a combination of different varieties of red roses. 

And then, just yesterday, Jodi married Matthew. Her chosen ivory and cream flowers had a bit of magic and diamante sparkle about them. Gorgeous roses and calla lilies never fail to add an air of elegance to a bouquet. The little heads of scented stephanotis were so pretty.

And finally I arranged flowers to celebrate a life lived, farewell flowers are the final flourish and a parting gift. These were intended to reflect the season as well as a love of gardening.

That's all for August flower friends, today is the last day of this lovely sunny flower filled month. September and October promise to be quite spectacular with all that autumn has to offer. Bring it on I say!