Hello August!

I hope you are enjoying my little floral vignettes through the seasons. 

It's Monday morning and I am at my desk, after a busy week just past, I've a great many emails to respond to as well as update flower inventories of weddings still to come; but before I begin, I made a quick count up of the weddings I've arranged so far this year, and I am delighted to report I am over half way through my wedding season!

Writing this blog takes time and much thought and this week, I simply don't have much time to ponder, in spite of not taking any weddings this coming weekend. However, I do have five new brides to see for 2014 and lots of final or catch up appointments with couples soon to be married. These are always such fun as they are always incredibly excited as their big day approaches. So I'm going to give you a pictorial floral taste of August instead.

It seems there is an abundance of everything this time of year. I don't know what it is like where you live, but, as I walk Nutmeg, I've noticed leaves are beginning to turn and fall - although it's still generally quite green, there are definite signs of a new season waiting in the wings. The thought of autumn excites me - it is my favourite season.

In the meantime, while the sun contiues to shine, let us continue to enjoy what has been rather a lovely few sun filled weeks (long may this warmth last) enjoying the sun flowers, dahlias, crocosmia, agapanthus, amaranthus, crocosmia, a second flush of roses, black berries and probably glut of tomatoes too! X