To have and to hold, from this day forward.

I never lose sight of the immense significance of a wedding day. It is often the beginning of a journey, although for many of my couples, their journey has already begun and the wedding itself an outward declaration of a long term commitment of love, togetherness and family.

As a florist I’m ever mindful the day will say so much about a couple, their family and friends. Of course, the flowers are just a small part in this very visual occasion. There is the dress, the cuisine, the cake and of course location which, together, give a wedding its‘personality. The flowers should tie the whole occasion together, be they informal and rustic or more extravagant and elegant.

When I met Gina and Grant they were clearly so in love and excited about their forthcoming wedding. The flowers needed to compliment her beautiful dress as well as reflect the specific mood and look of their special day.

Gina sent me this photo soon after they married; it gives me goose bumps looking at it. Through my eyes, the love is almost palpable. The flowers in the background are doing exactly what they should, adding a flourish in exactly the right amount, not too ostentatious but just setting off the beauty of the surroundings and occasion. For me this little church is quite magical without a single flower and I very often suggest the simplest of touches. Less is more (more often than not).

Every wedding is individual, different people, different lifestyles and tastes. It is my role to tease out the individual nuances - in spite of the trends and fashions and make the flowers say something about the couple.

I hope by looking at the images you can appreciate the sentiment and understand the approach I take as a wedding florist. It is truly an honour to be a part of so much love, excitement and beauty.