Hello autumn, I've been expecting you.

There is something warm and enveloping about autumn. On a superficial level, I cannot decide if it is the addition of cosy layers about my person or the switching on of the electric blanket and under floor heating, warming my toes on a chilly morn, they all form part of the allure and ritual for me.

Perhaps I should be melancholic seeing the passing of the warmer months but I am not. The colours of autumn - a triumphant bowing out with the spectacular show of colour as we gather in the harvests and hunker down. And nature, be it wildlife, flora or fauna will either hibernate or migrate as we ease into the bleaker days of winter; I am captivated and at the same time a willing participant.

September gently rolls into October with warm balmy sunshine, misty mornings and heavy dew at either end of the day. Temperatures continue to drop into November, frosts, wind and rain will eventually whip the last of the leaves - still hanging on to the trees for dear life and before you know it winter will be here.

The colours of autumn invariably feature in my work although it has to be said, not every bride will embrace the autumn colour spectrum! One bride that did embrace it was Hilary, marrying Simon on the autumn equinox - which happened to fall on Sunday September 22nd this year.

I met Hilary back in spring, she told me of her wedding plans and the significance of the autumn equinox to her and partner Simon. A vibrant and captivating lady with a wealth of life experience, grown up children and grandchildren, she had a clear vision of the colours and flowers she wanted and needed little or no direction. Her bridesmaid was apparently really excited - I’m not sure if she had ever been one before but at 64 years young, it is never too late to be a bridesmaid!

The bright, bold and vibrant colours work well on several levels; they suited her beautiful dress but equally, stronger colours often suit the more mature bride, not to mention the significance of it being autumn. Simon had especially wanted an arch to walk through and Hilary wanted to incorporate ivy as it has particular significance in celtic marriage ceremonies. They held a hand fasting ceremony the day before and were absolutely "buzzing" when I came to set up the green arch that afternoon.

A delightful couple, it was a pleasure to be part of their day, positive energy and love seemed to bounce off each other and was felt by those all around. Never was there a more perfect season or indeed day for them to marry.