The Riot That Is October

Autumn puts on a final spectacular show in October; leaves are set ablaze before giving up the ghost and dropping, leaving the trees naked and dormant from November until Mother Nature calls us back for the cacophony and colours of spring.
I love autumn, it is not only visual, one can breathe it in, smell the sweet earthly scents of fungi, moss and the decomposition of leaves underfoot. Birds leave us to fly south and finally there is an unmistakable chill in the air, this being the signal which tells the trees to display that final riot of fiery colour. The smell of wood smoke of an evening is something I find both nostalgic and comforting. I can wrap myself up in layers, pull on my boots and stomp about snug as a bug in that proverbial rug.

This season is pure heaven to the autumn girl that I am.

Last week I went to London to learn more about the psychology of colour. We were shown how colours can be categorised into the four seasons and after a short exercise, it became apparent I am that autumn girl (quelle surprise)! And yet there were almost as many "spring" elements to my personality too. Spring is more my nature where as autumn it seems, is more the creative florist side of me and therefore more importantly my business focus.
The day provided an insight into who I am and what I stand for, indicating the sorts of customers or clients I am most likely to attract. The aim was to gain a better understanding of my business, this I hope, will enable me to redesign my website more intuitively and express more of my philosophy as a florist.
From typography to colour swatches, it was both thought provoking and fascinating. What became clear is I am a creative intellectual type - bookish, thoughtful and driven by people colour and emotions.

So, with all this information ever present in my thoughts I return to an autumn wedding season filled with rich colours and textures, it has rejuvenated my creative sensibilities and restored my sense of who I am and what I do.

Although only flowers, when you see how an occasion can be transformed by natures rich tapestry, you will understand the impact a season can have just like a scent can transport you to a place in time, my job is to create a sense of occasion and in so doing, leave lasting memories.