Pinch punch, first of the month.

And so we bid farewell to the balmiest of Octobers in decades; I have roared into November with bells and whistles with two belters today, delivering flowers to my sixty ninth and seventieth weddings this sunny morning November first.
And get this, I'm still in t shirts as the sun continues to give off much warmth, albeit a little lower in the sky. The vibrant colours still hanging on to semi naked trees remain spectacular. I drove home with the windows down.
November. Really? It doesn't feel like it.
Seventy weddings done, dusted and delivered, no mean feat when you are a sole trader let me tell you. I am mindful I should slow down but between you and me, I feel like I'm on a roll, every wedding brings with it so much creative joy and pleasure. I find it really tough to turn a job down, I really should close the diary for 2015 if I am to slow the pace next year.
I should.
I will.
No really, I am trying to. Honest Guv.
But here's the rub, firstly I'm a grafter and let me tell you being an independent event florist is not for the feint hearted. Secondly, I enjoy the distraction and the sense of purpose right now, my boys are growing up and away from me, the flowers soften the tough call of a mother letting go of her children as they grow into young men. They are after all, only on loan to me. The apron strings are being cut gradually. But it's not without a continuous ache in ones' heart.
So with just three more weddings left to work on I look to the finale of my working year, the wreath workshops. Hallowe'en done it is the next big one on the calendar.
To be honest I'm struggling to get my festive groove on - it's not nearly cold enough to think about it right now let alone write about it, but rest assured I'm gearing up and getting ready even if I am dragging my heels a tad.
Next stop really is Christmas, yes, I've written the C word at last. But before I refer to it again, for the love of God, will someone please turn the heating off outside as I'd quite like to light the wood burner indoors and let the countdown commence.