Thank you.

A brief post, quick because I've just quaffed half a bottle of vin rouge (medicinal purposes you understand), and secondly because I am determined to take the rest of the evening off with my husband. For the umpteenth year he is (completely) in charge of the Christmas preparations. From the digging up of the tree, the 'round robin' letter which goes out with the electronic festive good wishes; (I've long given up on Christmas cards preferring to give money to a worthy cause), to the procuring and wrapping of all the presents. Tonight he will update me on where he is on everything before I submerge myself back into endless lists of Christmas flowers.
But before I get my update I'd like to I convey my sincere thanks to all who came to the wreath workshops in Bucklebury last week. We (you) raised an impressive £1210 for The Rainbow Trust a charity which does an incredible job supporting families who face the unbearable task of caring for a terminally ill child.

To the seventy one of you who came and made a wreath I thank you. You made a difference.

Linz x