And they're off!

The 2014 wedding season is well under way, I find myself most days knee-deep on an island of stem stripped greenery surrounded by a sea of buckets filled with flowers. Like a forty-a-day smoker with tell tale nicotine yellow fingers, my own hands appear permanently calloused, deeply ingrained with green and invariably heavily scented with eucalyptus oil from pulling all those end leaves off.

The new work room is proving to be a revelation; light, airy and spacious with a cool yet ambient temperature and thanks to proper Ikea shelves and cupboards, it is alarmingly orderly! How I ever managed for nigh on ten years to exist in that same space; dimly lit, cohabiting with mice and the odd bird, as well as all the other paraphernalia one usually stashes in a garage; in my case this included my husbands 'scarlet woman' his Ducati motorbike, I will never know! I still pinch myself that this space is all mine - I go as far as saying that I almost feel like a fully fledged florist nowadays, (okay, well maybe not quite fully fledged)!

I thought I might share a few observations I've noticed amongst my own lovely wedding clients this year: many bridesmaids seem to be sporting rather gorgeous navy dresses it seems. Personally, I couldn't be happier as like the little black dress, a bride can choose virtually any colour she likes as an accent for her flowers when her support team are wearing navy blue as there are virtually no colour clashing issues.

Another observation is that trailing bouquets seem to be creeping into the consciousness of many a blushing bride-to-be. There is a definite leaning towards more loosely arranged styles in both trailing and hand tied bouquets, much less rigidity is a look I'm all in favour of. I couldn't be happier about this shape as those of you who have read any previous WHFCo blogs, will know that I often wax lyrical over a love of wiring the odd flower.

Another trend now on every Pinterest Board I seem to look at is the resurrection of the colours peach and yellow. Clearly back in vogue, these pretty pastel shades have been increasing in popularity over the last 18 months and I would go as far as saying they are now firmly established colour preferences as are dahlias and other seasonal garden flowers.

And finally, I think we are on the cusp of saying goodbye to the 'jam jar' wedding, I've lost count of the number of couples bemoaning this quirky, fun and thrifty look but at the same time yearning to be a little bit different. That frightful word "vintage" (what does it actually mean?) is still in everyone's vocabulary, I must admit to being somewhat jaded by its' over-use. That said, a relaxed informality at wedding receptions and a 'retro vibe' is still what most couples aspire to when we are discussing their requisite look.

For the batty old flower lady that I am in comparison to my incredibly youthful wedding clientele, these are all reinventions of the wheel, but as with all fashions there'll be a 2014 spin which will undoubtedly keep the (florist) fire in my belly burning brightly. I must say, I'm rather looking forward the possibility that my own wedding flowers, circa 1992 peach and pale yellow (oh yeah!) are about to become the height of fashion once more.

Here's to a long and sunny wedding season flower friends.