A new age of elegance.

Flowers arranged in classic styled vases are very á la mode presently. Over the last year or so I've been gradually moving away from "jam jar" shabby chic we've enjoyed over the past couple of seasons and have seen a definite resurgence of arrangements requiring more elegant styling.

As a florist, I whilst I've enjoyed the quirky relaxed informality of an up-cycled jam jar, I'm more than ready to return to some quintessential floristry skills: placement, alignment and balance. When I write this, I am not for one moment suggesting rigid triangular arrangements - heaven forbid! But rather a softer curving of form allowing movement, creating gracefulness and adding an air of femininity.

Here's TWHFCo's take on an informal spring inspired arrangement - very Constance Spry and ironically, exactly how my friend, florist and mentor Lou taught me to arrange flowers; leaving space between the flowers and in so doing, allowing any passing butterfly to move freely between each carefully placed bloom!