A Fleeting Post

The garden is greening up and gathering pace with all sorts pushing through and bursting forth. Bluebells are blooming, the ground elder is lush. No, I don't have time to clear it, it will be cleared another time, in fact, I'm rather partial to the delicate white flower it produces actually.

In other news, one of my favourite roses arrived in the workshop this morning. Vuvuzela is it's' name, on Instagram, I described it as a flower I would happily align with my own personality traits such is my love for this pretty peachy pink rose.

I've two weddings this weekend and then... and then... a few days off work. No telephone calls, no emails, no anything. Except sit, snooze, read a book or three, drink nice wine, eat lovely food, breathe and be.
I cannot recall my last proper full day off, I've earned this break and really need a rest.

I shall however, return invigorated and all set for a very busy but beautiful month of May; a week will be more than enough to recharge my batteries.

One more thing. With the exception of those booked into see me, my wedding work diary is now closed for 2014. How wonderful to have so much work that I am having to turn it away, I never in a million years thought I could be so very busy. Perhaps it is all down hill from here?! Oh well, no point worrying about that, what will be will be.
Cue the sunshine.
Happy Easter Flower Friends.

Linz x