Take three ingredients.

Just like those Delia ads back in the 90's when she told you to "simply take", I took just three flower varieties this week and made a bouquet that  made my heart sing.

When bride Victoria tweaked a few things here and there regarding her wedding flowers, as you do, she couldn't help feeling her one and only bridesmaid would feel a little short changed with a posy of just gypsophilia, so I suggested I add a few bits to embellish it without adding any extra colour.

This is what I made, now I know you may think it daft that I am not waxing lyrical over the beautiful bridal bouquet (it was indeed quite lovely), but I like my flowers simple and at times, pared down to the bare minimum. Tied with rustic jute and a secured with another favourite of mine, a mother of pearl button this little posy of pretty made this florists day. 

It doesn't take much does it?