Chameleon, Cinderella, florist.

Another busy and beautiful week filled with pretty spring/summer flowers and four happy couples.

Tuesday's TWHFCo Face Book post was about March wedding of Sarah and Roger, I wrote how every wedding is unique and I likened myself to a chameleon, changing colour and style to suit the look I'm to interpret.
Perfectly demonstrated this week with four weddings. This began with Kate and Tom's yearning for a rustic English country garden look complete with a bucket of gorgeous British flowers grown locally by florist and more recently, flower growers Martin and The Magpie. I created a miscellany of seasonal informality, in contrast to Sarah and Matthews pretty yet vibrant green and pink florals on Friday. I included lots of seasonal flowers from deepest pink peonies to zingy lime green viburnums as well as Sarah's favourite, Shamrock Chrysanthemums. They really looked opulent, particularly the pedestal arrangements in the ceremony room.
I reverted to a palette of pure white and the merest hint of pale blue and lilac for Sam and Nicola's outdoor wedding ceremony this Saturday, although I did persuade them to turn on the colour for their ivory lined marquee reception flowers. The look was very romantic, set as it was in Wasing Parks secret walled garden. Jam jars arranged on books and wood slices with even more sweet peas, peonies, tulips and masses of lily of the valley added lots of variety and heady scent.

Last and by no means least, for my fourth wedding, yellow and pink were combined in Paul and Anna's flowers. I'll wager you'll not see this mix of colour often but l think I pulled it off, this was a refreshing and unusual mix of colours. With five bridesmaids wearing gorgeous grey dresses and two year old flower girl Bella, the couples daughter, (in danger of stealing the show), I'm eager to see how it all came together on the day.

And now I change from chameleon to Cinderella; as the florist, after waving my floral 'magic' wand, I don't go to the ball nor see the final ensemble until all the photos are all processed. Here's hoping my lovely couples spare a thought for me as they swoon over their beautiful photos in the coming weeks and months!

One last word of thanks to friend and florist Susannah Jarrett who for a second week, has worked like a trouper with me.