GCSE time.

It may surprise some that there is so much more than flowers happening in the room immediately above the workshop.
As well as weddings every weekend, we (that'll be the royal 'we'), are in GCSE mode. With a steady flow of exams over five weeks the atmosphere can be a little tense at times. I temper these potential hot spots with an endless supply of cake and biscuits, I'm sure some might think all that sugar and carb bad, but it worked first time around three years ago so I've taken the default course of action and so far, so good. The Lemon Drizzle is currently cake of choice although scone, 'red' jam and clotted cream seems to be a close second.
It touches me that the youngest offspring pops his head into the work room every so often and asks for a 'refill'. You see this 6 foot 2 inch lanky streak of hormones, hair and angst, really does appreciate a simple vase of flowers on his desk while revising. He has to wait to be told what's available before snipping away but a small floral distraction amidst the endless reams of revision notes can surely only be a good thing?

In the workshop we are over half way through this bumper month of wedding bliss. It really is true to say that every wedding, be it just 24 hours apart from the previous one, can be so completely different. It never ceases to amaze how new inspiration can energise and invigorate the senses, I am really enjoying the endless routine of creating, delivering, clearing and starting all over again. That said, I am equally looking forward to a quieter pace in June!
This week we have a woodland inspired wedding amongst our bounty of three, there are very few flowers involved in this ensemble save for some lavender, it may surprise but I've struggled with foliages as everything at the moment is so soft and new, it simply will not withstand being cut, I have however, got masses of sage about to bloom so I may well plunder this as well as the contorted willow tree down by the hen house.

My flower of the month? It would be too easy to cite the peony and the sweet peas are always going to have a special place in my heart but one flower in particular has stood out for me this month, Achillea. Not your show stopper peony I grant you, but such an affable flower, with rustic abundance and a range of colours, I was rather taken with a pretty bunch I had sent from Cornwall last year but this year I'm already incorporating it into lots of arrangements, first the yellow and now the pink. Much under rated but really rather lovely with its froth of tiny flower heads, it gets my vote, but then, I never was one to follow the crowd.