Summer Loving.

I think I love June as much as September (and that's saying something). My garden is at its' best and makes for rich pickings.

Making the most of time off post GCSE's we, the family and I, are taking our leave before the official summer holidays begin and Nutmeg is going to Kent for her doggy vacation.

My only regret is that the sweet peas are about to enter 'glut mode' but rather than let them go over, I'm taking three large containers (complete with their willow wigwams) to a friends house so she can pick, water and hopefully keep them coming until I return - one of the joys of owning a van is that I can do this!

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could be this busy, my little flower company seems to be in such demand - this from a florist who doesn't advertise, court the magazines or anything other than use social media to post images of my flowers. I thank my lucky stars for the power of word of mouth and recommendation - trust me when I say it truly is a powerful tool. None the less, I still think a florist is only as good as their last bouquet so I never, not for one second, take this good fortune lightly, especially when there are so many inspirational florists all up and down the land.

My wedding diary for 2015 is really filling up - June and May particularly so, but September too. The next available weekend appointment to see me is currently in October!

I think I need a lie down and preferably in the sun! I'll be back in the workshop in a few weeks time when the wedding flowers will flow freely from July to November.

I leave you a few snippets from the second half of a wonderful month of floweriness.

Now, where did I put that bikini....

L x