Glad to be home, rested and recharged I am forever the English rose, fair and (slightly) heat intolerant. That said, it's been wonderful to have two whole uninterrupted weeks completely away from everything except those I love most.
Back home I am once more, happy to sit out in the surprising warmth under a vine now bearing tiny fruit on the terrace, intoxicated by the jasmine and honeysuckle that coils through it. The garden looks full, green and tangled with all that has already been and gone - the later arrivals are already showing colour and bursting forth.
Back to my workroom and the company of the trusty hound, I am at my happiest and most content. The kind of work that is softly scented and pleasing on the eye.
I've Spain still ringing in my ears, on my taste buds and I cannot deny I've been inspired by Gaudí but rest assured, English summer is in full swing at The White Horse Flower Company.