With August waiting in the wings I'm gearing up for a busy month with thirteen best days of "their" lives to flower up. No pressure then.

I kick off with a weekend of mainly rustic bohemian styled florals and I'm champing at the bit, this style has my name written all over it. Not everyone can make a scruffy, effortlessly thrown together bridal bouquet that looks utterly beautiful. The default position more often, is tidy and manicured, but not me. I like asymmetry, I like thrown together, I like nature in all its' shape and form - unstructured and untamed and it appears that two of my four brides do too this coming weekend.

But first, a quiet contemplative moment to clear my mind, a brief moment of tranquility out on the Wayfarers Walk.
These are the moments that make me the person I am. A social creature known more for my chatty and chirpy manner, I've a private, deeper more thoughtful side, where time and space to allow my mind to wander off piste. Walking affords me the necessary breathing space - in an otherwise happy but hectic life.
I took the path I have walked many many times before to breathe in the softly fragrant air, take in the view and listen to the sound of the wind rustling the corn, birdsong and crickets chirping in the straw underfoot. Far from silent this space is positively alive! Yet I think of this as my quiet time. Just me my thoughts and a panting spaniel at my heel. Time to reflect on the comings and goings in my life, time to just think. And yet at the same time I am soaking in the warmth on my skin, smiling at the glorious blue sky and filling every cell with inspiration. Looking down from the highest point in Hampshire, I can see for miles into three neighbouring counties.

Back home and back to reality. I 've four flower proposals to prepare before work on the weekends' celebrations begin. The wind still rustles the trees in the garden, soothing my busy mind and all the while the hound sleeps at my feet exhausted from our earlier outing. Time to plan ahead with 2015 calling me, it seems time waits for no man or in my case woman.

Note to self: include ears of corn and blackberries in this weekends flowers..