A Bountiful August

The mornings are invariably bright and crisp with low rising mists and cobwebs heavy with dew amongst the hedgerows and flower borders; the evenings cooler with a distinct nip in the air. Temperatures peak in the middle of the day and the layers we begin with at breakfast time, are cast off only to reapplied come 4 o'clock when I make a cup of tea. The underfloor heating in the bathroom was switched back on yesterday.
The times they are a changing..

Daddy long legs appear in the house and the damsons are falling to the ground as I make my way each day to the prop shed at the end of the garden, the purple on the ground gets darker every time I pass. Time to make jam and gin. The Victoria plums are ripening up but the apples look decidedly sorry for themselves. It has to be said I am a negligent gardener. Too busy preparing 13 weddings surely excuses my tardiness.

With just five more weddings left to work on in August, it's been non stop as one beautiful day filled with colour and scent rolls into another. The diary for 2015 is already half full. I've spent as much time as I can spare out of the studio writing quotes and making appointments - we are now well into October for weekend first appointments.

The Christmas wreath classes are all but finalised - there are lots to choose from and I've focused most of my working December on teaching these wildly popular classes.

His GCSE results come out tomorrow. Nervous? Me? A little anxious maybe. He's so relaxed he's gone to the Reading Festival. (He returns fleetingly from the festivities to find out the results)!

Mid August is feeling like early September and I'm yearning for my favourite season to envelop me as I watch the grapes on the vine over the terrace plump up, the Japanese anemones continue to flourish and the honeysuckle is now brilliant berried red as the seasons begin to overlap.

It's been a glorious month in which to marry, rain may have prevented the occasional outdoor ceremony but this has not dampened the spirits of my beautiful couples. Love conquers all, it always does.

I leave you with a glimpse of some of the bouquets I've made since we last met. I shall return when September triumphs. I long for autumn, it being my soulmate season.