One florist, two days, four brides.

This weekend just gone was immense. Hard graft, long hours spent largely knee deep in flowers! How can I still get so excited at the prospect of making yet another bouquet? I tell you why, because everyone has a personality inextricably weaved into it, every bouquet has something unique and never to be repeated about it. The lure of another combination of colours and flower varieties pulls me in and takes me to another place that I simply cannot explain.

Just to clarify, ordinarily I only ever take on one 'whole' wedding per day but there are occasions when I am asked to arrange only the bouquets and buttonholes and this was the case on both days this weekend. As long as one does not compromise the other and I can deliver in a timely manner, I happily take the additional work - how could I refuse? Bridal bouquets are the cherry on the cake in my opinion! 

Up with the larks on Friday, I was out picking Japanese anemones and crocosmia at 6.30am to put into Teoni's flowers, so inspired and eager to make this particular bouquet I could not stay a moment longer in bed. Nineteen hours later I climbed - ney fell back into that pit at 1am Saturday morning. It was worth the effort to see the look on Teoni's face. 

Four bouquets, two slightly on the wild side, one classic old school (wired) shower and all the way to the floor and one terribly pretty rustic hand tie. I loved them all and they said so much about the women and their interpretations of the most beautiful day of their lives. 

Oh and yes, if you read to the end of my last post, ears of corn as well as black berries were in eveidence throughout! 

August blooms packed and ready for the off..

Simple flower heads in a miscellany of bottles was the look Teoni wanted

Jam jars stuffed full of pretty


Teoni's bouquet

Kerrys trailing shower bouquet - I stood on an old wooden crate to be sure I had created enough length! 

Naomi's pretty bouquet muted colours with pops of colour and wisps of jasmine and below Becky's pretty dusty pink and lilac hand tie with blackberries!


I like flowers simply arranged as well as creating something a little different on each table giving an air of relaxed informality.  

 One last close up of Becky's bouquet and her buttonholes. Coincidentally I note they served champagne with a blackberry at the reception (now that's what I call intuition)!