The 'Undone' Bouquet.

Think pre- raphaelite splendour of the victorian era, add in trailing, lilting flowers which have both ethereal grace and movement and you have the essence of a bouquet style which I like to call the 'undone' or 'messy' bouquet. 

Beguiled with this beauteous form, for me it is the epitome of femininity; dress it up with big blousy roses and you have effortless luxury, pare it down with simple foraged hedgrow flora and fauna and you have a touch of bohemian rusticity that I refer to as "just gathered." However you choose to hold this gorgeous gathering of prettiness it will steal the show with its natural shape and form. 

It is however not as easy to compose as one might think, there is a need for both restraint and yet, the flowers should look just thrown together, there is certainly no requirement for symmetry nor manipulation otherwise the bouquet will look contrived. 

I welcome the departure from over manipulated balls of generic pretty and embrace an element of unrestraint, overflowing, tumbling, trailing gracefulness. I hope this heralds a new age of elegance in wedding floral design.


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