September. Done.

What a month. Full on and flower filled with a modicum of drama (said drama being the dog being run over). Anyhow, we all survived including the dog.
Ultimately the flowers stole the show, which to be frank, is what I'm all about so that is just as well.
So much to share and show and then out of the blue, Benjamin telephones me to say he has some photos he wants to send me. I don't get many photographers phoning, unless of course, they're popping in for a coffee and a chat! So this nice young man, (I'm qualified to say that as I am considerably older than he), tells me he's emailing them across today.
Hooray I say. They are good.
Very good.
Most importantly, my flowers are with the bride and her maids. It may seem a funny thing to comment on but this is a big deal to me because when I use the word bespoke, I mean it. To see my flowers with the people they were intended for is the cherry on the cake. Invariably the bride (and the groom more often to a lesser degree) is behind their inception and everything that goes into the final design. Made to measure you might say.
A one off.
So here they are and what can I add?
They are quite lovely.
As for Jenny and Louie? They were fab too.
Super lovely in fact.

Thank you Ben and thank you Jenny and Louie.
Job done.
September. Done.
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